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Copper 'Toxicity'

The Psycho-Physiological Effects on the Mind, Body, and Emotions

Chatsworth, Cachay & Dr. Eck

"Energy: How it affects your emotions...well being..."

Dr. David L. Watts

"Trace Elements & Other Essential Nutrients"


References and Additional Resources:

Copper Toxicity Overviews






[18, 24] The Nutritional Relationships of Copper (Dr. Watts)


Excess Copper as a Factor in Human Diseases

An Introductory Nutritional Balancing Protocol

Misconceptions Surrounding Copper and Copper Toxicity

The 'Copper Capers' Nightmare 


[14, 23, 25]

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis & Testing & Treatment

Trace Elements, Inc - HTMA Lab Testing

Utilization of HTMA for Metabolic Typing

A Fantastic Introductory Video on HTMA by Dr. Rick Malter



How Manipulated JAMA Articles Tried to Attack HTMA

How HTMA fits into the greater puzzle of healing and provides a true direction for health 


Support & Stories

Copper and Methylation

Interview with Dr. Mensah Regarding Over vs Under Methylation and Copper

Other Copper Related: Scientific / Adrenals / Hormones / Diet / Mental Health

Seminal Article by Dr. Paul Eck on the Relationship Between Minerals, Energy and Emotions

Trace Elements and Neuropsychological Problems in TMA Patterns

Vegetarianism and Body Chemistry A Research Report

Effect of Estrogen on Serum and Tissue Levels of Copper and Zinc



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Copper Toxicity

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Copper Toxicity Syndrome

Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D.

"The Strands of Health"

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Weston A Price Foundation
Metals (Copper) and the Mind

Dr. Robert Thompson

"The Calcium Lie II"

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